IRS Approved 501(c)(3) non-profit

We will provide veterans with the best experts, advice, assistance in every aspect of their journey; whether it is spiritual, physical, mental, employment, finances, family, education....everything possible to give them the knowledge and abilities to make them happy and fulfilled. 

To achieve this, we will have experts on staff to help navigate the benefits afforded to them such as education and health, without the bureaucracy and confusion typically encountered with government.  

This process is guided by a case worker who works hand-in-hand with the veteran as a mentor that is in close proximity to where the veterans lives so they always have someone to contact. In short we are the "easy button" and we are there for life.




A nation of veterans with knowledge, education, and life skills to ensue success in life after honorable service our country in the military.


To acknowledge the sacrifice veterans have endured and afford them all the tools they need to build a happy and fulfilling life after service to the United States of America.


Star - We hold the Gold Star in the highest position and closest to our heart.  It represents the respect we hold for our Gold Star families, and to honor the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters who have died serving this great Nation.

Compass -  The Compass represents a true azimuth.  We strive to keep on the right course; one that is legal, ethical, and moral, in all that we do.  We are ultimately responsible for our own actions and must take full credit for them.

Lightning bolt - The Lightning Bolt defines action.  As a foundation we must seize opportunity when it presents itself.  We are an aggressive lot by nature, striking when conditions are right, and powerful when present.

Parachute - The Parachute is representative of living and the pursuit of adventure. To throw oneself into the abyss and accept a challenge demonstrates our zeal for a truly remarkable life.  One that has inherent risks, but worth every minute.